Welcome to Thanet AC



Thanet Athletics Club are proud to announce that we are up and running again!!


What a year it has been for everyone! The world really is a different place right now and, with the new ‘pathway’ that has been given to us all by the government, Thanet Athletics Club want to make sure that our athletes return back to training and competing as safely as possible.


We will be following all of the Covid safety guidelines, whilst also making sure that it is as fun (if not more so!) as it was for our athletes before we had to stop. Every coach at Thanet Athletics Club is fully aware of the challenging issues that our athletes will have encountered, and are still facing, on a daily basis so we will do everything possible to make sure that their time with us is an enjoyable one.


Competitions are already in the calendar for the 2021 season so it is important to get our guys back for these too. As a club we have joined various leagues to accommodate everyone, but there is absolutely no pressure to compete as we know that the last year has affected everybody in different ways.


The introduction of our club athletes back to the club will start with the school Yr6 and above, and they will start on the 30th March. Their individual coaches will contact them to let them know about these details, including venues and training times. Our membership will run from May 1st 2021 so make sure you join by midnight April 30th to continue training and competing!