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Help / FAQ's

  • Who are you?
    Launched in 2010, we have quickly become a well known club within Kent, but you can find more about us here
  • I'm interested in volunteering, how do I get involved?
    As a club run entirely by volunteers, we are always looking for more help! If you have some free time and feel you would be interested in helping, we would love to hear from you! Please don't hesitate in contacting us at where we are happy to discuss this further with you. More information about our volunteering opportunities can be found here
  • When & where do you train?
    We train every Tuesday and Friday from 18:00 until 19:30 at the Royal Harbour Academy and welcome all ages and abilities: Royal Harbour Academy (Upper Site) Marlowe Way Ramsgate CT12 6FA
  • How can I join a training session?
    A free taster session is offered to those wanting to try athletics for the first time, to redeem this please complete the steps below: Click here and select 'Register Now' to complete the guest registration form - this is free. (If you haven't already, you will need to make an account before accessing this feature) Email to confirm you have completed the registration and arrange your taster session. If you have completed your taster session and wish to continue training with us, you will need to complete a membership, please follow the steps below: Click here to view our membership options, we have 5 membership options. - Senior Membership - 1st Claim athletes aged 18+ - Junior Membership - 1st Claim athletes in schools years 6-13 - Second Claim Membership - 2nd Claim athletes of all ages - U11 Membership - Athletes in school years 3-5, this can be found here - Guest Membership - Athletes who will not be attending regularly, this can be found here Once you have completed a membership, you will then have access to the respective booking services for your level of membership. Please ensure you or your parent/guardian are booking in prior to attending. Booking opens 48 hours prior to the session starts and closes promptly at 18:00. After this time, you won't be able to book in and will instead be sent an invoice for the missed fee if you attend without having booked in.
  • What do I need to bring to training?
    Each group will be slightly different, however, we generally recommend the following: - Kit Bag, containing: - Water - Jumper - Trackies - Waterproofs - Large bin bag (to put kit in when it's raining)
  • I forgot to pay for training, what happens?
    You will be sent an invoice by email within 24 hours of training. This must be paid before the next attendance. Please check your junk/spam folder if you have not received it. If payment is an issue, please contact us in confidence.
  • I'm unwell or injured, what should I do?
    If you are feeling unwell, you should adjust your activity levels based on how you feel. This may mean changing your session for a mild cold or not coming at all in the case of vomiting/diarrhoea. If you are experiencing any symptoms of Coronavirus you should do a test and not attend training. If you test positive you should also notify your coach for any recent exposure. In the event of injury, it may be possible to perform some rehab or general fitness work within a training session but this should be discussed with your coach prior to attending. If you arrive at training in a condition your coach deems unsuitable to train, you will be sent away.
  • I've booked in but now cannot attend...
    If for some reason your circumstances change or you are no longer able to attend training, please notify your coach in good time before the session. If this is done far enough in advance (before 16:00) then your session booking can be rolled over for the next time you attend. Failure to attend without adequate notification will mean your booking is lost. This does not apply for U11 sessions. These are paid for as an entire block upfront and cannot be carried over.
  • How do I compete for you?
    To compete on behalf of Thanet AC you need to have an active 1st or 2nd claim membership. Details of this can be found here Upon completion you will then be a registered athlete and have access to competitions.
  • How do I find my EA number?
    This will have been sent to you by England Athletics within 2 weeks of completing a membership. It will never change throughout your athletics career. If you did not save it or cannot find it, you can use the EA Number lookup service, found here Enter your First Name, Last Name and D.O.B, then hit Search. Your EA number will be displayed at the bottom of the page.
  • What competitions are there?
    All age groups have different competitions including open meetings, league meetings, county championships and even national championships. Details of competitions can be found under the relevant age group of our 'Competitions' tab.
  • Do you host competitions?
    We currently only host our Under 11 Summer Series for athletes in school years 3-6, this runs through the summer and offers our younger athletes the opportunity to experience an introduction into competitive athletics. Details and entry can be found here Previously, we host an annual club championship open to all athletes aged 13+. This is something we are looking at reintroducing in the future!
  • I'm competing at the weekend, what do I do?
    A timetable for the day will have been sent to you by the organisers of the event you have entered or been distributed by your coach in the group chats. Ensure you know your event times and any other requirements outlined by the organiser. This will normally mean arriving at least 1 hour before your first event to sign-in and collect your competition number. We recommend planning to arrive 2 hours before your first event to allow for traffic, particularly for those competitions further away. Make sure you have your club vest/crop top with you. More information about the specific event can be obtained by speaking with your coach or fellow athletes, do not be afraid to ask!
  • How do I get a club vest?
    If you are a 1st claim member and this is your first year of membership with the club, you will receive a free vest. You will have the option to specify your sizing requirements within the membership form. If you are a 2nd claim member or an existing member that would like a new vest, they can be purchased here We also have crop tops available to purchase for athletes U15+, they can be found here
  • I can no longer attend the competition, what do I do?
    In the case of league meetings (KYAL / SAL), you should notify the relevant team manager so they can make team sheet adjustments in good time. For open meetings or county level competitions that you have entered as an individual, please inform the organiser directly. In any case, please do not just fail to attend. If you are unsure, speak with your coach and they can advise.
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