Yr 5/6 Thanet Primary Schools Sportshall Results

Congratulations once again to St Saviours for following on from last week's success and becoming the first school ever to win both the Yrs 3/4 and 5/6 Sportshall competitions in the same year!!

The full results from Saturday's competition are Ursuline are below.

Girls Results Boys Results Overall Results

1st St Saviours 346 1st St Saviours 344 1st St Saviours 690

2nd Palm Bay 272 2nd St Peters 296 2nd St Peters 534

3rd St Nicholas 270 3rd Minster 258 3rd St Nicholas 504

4th St Peters 238 4th St Gregorys 256 4th Minster 488

5th Minster 230 5th St Nicholas 234 5th Palm Bay 450

6th Bromstone 218 6th Salmestone 230 6th St Gregorys 446

7th Chilton 208 7th Bromstone 226 7th Bromstone 444

8th Cliftonville 204 8th Chilton 220 8th Chilton 428

9th Northdown 202 9th Palm Bay 178 9th Salmestone 370

10th St Gregorys 190 10th Garlinge 160 10th Cliftonville 360

11th Salmestone 140 11th Cliftonville 156 11th Northdown 348

12th Garlinge 130 12th Northdown 146 12th Garlinge 290

13th Newington 8 213th Newington 112 13th Newington 194


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