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Performance and Commitment Rewarded at Club Celebration Evening

Following another successful celebration evening the following athletes, coaches and volunteers picked up awards:

Under 11's

Achievement Award - Libby Prichard and Edward Foy

Commitment Award - Grace Jakeman and Lucas Stroud


Sprints - Emily Russell and Aston Fredericks

Endurance - Jessica Francis and Mowgli Palmer

Jumps - Emily Russell and George Seery

Throws - Jessica Wood and Ned Naisbitt


Sprints - Erin Moses and Konrad Farrall

Endurance - Mia Hillyard

Jumps - Clara Hawkins and Luke Cressey

Throws - Megan Williams and Luke Cressey


Sprints - Amy Clayton

Endurance - Jack Shale

Throws - Chloe Williams and Adam Jacques


Sprints - Sophie Clayton and Oliver Cooper

Throws - Ashleigh Thurman-Newell

Commitment Awards - Emily Giardina and Connor Neal

Development Awards - Lewis Parsons, Daniel Noelken, Clara Hawkins, Konrad Farrall, Abigail Sayer

Coach of the Year - Breeda O'Brien

Unsung Hero - Lynette Williams

Congratulations to all those listed and everyone who picked up club championship trophies!

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