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The Under 11 summer series is back!

As we enter the month of may, the summer season starts to come back inf all force.

Whilst we have started to see the league meetings return for our athletes U13 and above, the under 11 Sumer series is finally about to return!

For those who have not been able to attend before- our Under 11 summer series is an open competition for children in primary schools Years 3-6.

Children will compete in age groups, years 3 and 4 together and years 5 and 6 together, over a course of 3 competitions with athletes collecting points in each event they compete in. Athletes finishing in the podium positions in their gender and age group at the end of the 3 competitions will be awarded medals, as well as those who win individual events.

The events are as followed:

  • Short sprint (Year 3/4: 50m, Year 5/6: 75m)

  • Longer sprint (Year 3/4: 400m, Year 5/6: 600m)

  • Long jump (This year, unlike before, athletes will be given a 20m run up area which will be optional. Athletes will be measured from a take off area rather than completing the conventional standing long jump, this is to prepare athletes for the full long jump event they will complete in KYAL when they are U13 and above)

  • Vortex throw (Similar to the long jump, athletes will now be given a 10m run up area for an optional run up for the throw as practiced in their U11 training)

The competition will be held at the Royal Harbour academy (U11 training venue) with events starting at 6pm (advised that all competitors arrive by 5:45, 5:30 if they wish to enter on the day). Each competition should finish by 7pm.

Competitions will be held on the following date:

  • 12/05/2023

  • 09/06/2023

  • 07/07/2023

Athletes will need to enter before the competition which you can do by clicking the Under 11 button under the competition tab at the top of the page.

Athletes from all clubs are welcome!

Volunteers are both welcomed and encouraged to help run the event smoothly


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