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Training Fee Increase - commences 1st November

After a lot of debate the club has taken the difficult decision to put up the training fees. Unfortunately our costs have significantly increased especially over the winter period and we need to be able to cover these. Therefore from 1st November training fees for individual sessions will be £4, but we will also be offering an option to pay a monthly training fee costing £30 which will cover all training for that month (so it will be cheaper than paying per session for those training twice a week) - this will need to be paid on or before the first of the month otherwise athletes will need to pay per session.

Having looked at the cost of other clubs in the county we will remain much cheaper than most and in line with how similar clubs operate we are sorry but from 1st Novemberathletes will no longer be able to carry over training fees for sessions they do not attend. We will be extending the booking time to 6pm on the day of the session so hopefully this should not be an issue.


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