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How To Join As A Member


If you would like to train with us please complete the following process:

Step 1:

Complete the Membership form, Parental Consent Form for athletes aged under 18, or an Emergency Contact Form if you are 18 or over (see below). 

Step 2:

Email the membership and consent forms (Parental Consent/Emergency Contact) to letting us know of any particular area of interest (e.g. which events you are interested in). Please note that children in school years 3-5 train with the Under 11 group and those in school years 6-7 train with the Under 13 multi-events group; both groups train in all running, jumping and throwing events in age specific groups 

Step 3:

Book the relevant training session on our booking system prior to attending once you have received confirmation from us confirming that there the group has capacity for new members (the email will also contain the relevant links and directions on how to do this)

                  Parental                                                    Emergency                                                  Membership

                  Consent                                                      Contact                                                           Form

                     Form                                                          Form


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